According to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, I am a solid INTP - a seeker of truth, knowledge, and balance. I believe knowledge and truth are everything - there is nothing else. Everything in my life has to "make sense" somehow. I believe everything in existence is quantifiable. More than any other craft, to me illustration represents a convergence of the two halves of my psyche - the so-called "left brain" and "right brain". Illustration forces me to call upon technical skill, while tapping into the creative mental faculties required for art.

Professionally, I've dabbled in silkscreening at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, eventually teaching for their MAS summer program. After earning my BFA from the California College of the Arts I began paying my dues in all the wrong places; I've held jobs in the world of retail, service, and even architecture, making huge mistakes and learning more about myself than actively pursuing my career path like I should have been doing. Eventually it became clear to me that justifying 4.5 years of tuition would require that I jump into my career headfirst. I created a few logos for friends and small companies, some illustration work, and of course conceptual artwork on one of the dozens of stories I'm currently juggling around in my head. It's inspiring to see my work coming together, and by jumping into my career straight away I find things are moving at a better pace. Sure, it's more challenging, but is there any point in doing something that's too easy? 

And now for the shout outs - first and foremost, all of my thanks and praises to my parents, my sisters, cousins, and the mysterious, all-pervading invisible force binding the universe together and guiding all of existence that my dad insists is God. Shout out to my homies, home girls, and a MASSIVE shout out to all the great teachers throughout my life, both living and deceased - your lessons are greatly valued.